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Feel good fitness,


To get your little dancer registered....please download ALL the items

above, fill in, sign and mail the registration form with your payment,

and you will be contacted if I have any questions! 

**FEES and Tuition  2023-24:

This year we have increased our tuition fee and registration fee.

Registration is now $20 per dancer, paid 1x for the dance year.

Monthly tuition is now $50 for the 1st dancer and $45 for the 2 dancer or class. If you have more than 3 dancers please chat with me about a discount!


Classes will be held on WEDNESDAYS on the Connell stage and green room. Located in the Connell High School performing arts auditorium. 


Classes will be approx. 45 minutes long. I will be using either the green room or stage area.


However, this is a tentative proposed schedule.  The schedule may be changed at any time, before or even after classes have started.  If you have any questions or concerns about any of it....please feel free to contact me!

PLEASE download and read the schedule carefully!  This year I will be the ONLY teacher for ALL the classes. Please be patient with me! I appreciate your support and friendship!

*I am super excited to come back for our 13th year in Connell.  I had a great time teaching your little dancers, and am thrilled that many want me to return!  It is my hope to continue teaching in the green room/stage area, and if all goes well, we may grow into a new area as well!

Numbers will tell! :) Keep an eye out for news!


An email address is required!  So please provide one that you check often! Thanks!



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