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Covid 19 update

for the studio...

In order to stay safe and still have a great time dancing;
We have come up with some rules...PLEASE READ them all.
You must sign a waiver (with registration) that you understand and
will comply with them! Thanks!

1.  If my dancer, or anyone in my family is sick, has a fever or have other     
      main  symptoms  of  being ill, I WILL NOT bring my child to dance. PLEASE!
 2.  To limit number of people in dance studio, I understand that I should plan on 
       dropping off my dancer and NOT staying to watch.  (NO EXCEPTIONS for ages 5+.)
        ONLY EXCEPTION: IF NEEDED the 3/4 year old Tiny tot class may have 1 
        responsible  adult or guardian masked at all times, stay to watch. No siblings or         
        other adults.
 3.    I am aware that Mrs. Becky and other instructors MAY wear a face shield, 
       but probably no face mask.
4.    I understand that my dancer(s) can wear a face mask during class if desired.

Of course we hope that this pandemic will pass soon, and that our new normal lives will resume...we still must take precautions. New regulations and information will be applied as needed. 
Thanks for understanding!
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